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Event management

May 8, 2010 | No Comments |

We have had a few requests to Explain Event management. So here goes…

There is a great party happening somewhere in the world right now… yet some seem to stand out more than others. Why is this? Maybe it’s because of the free food, the great atmosphere, the golden socialites, or a host of other factors. Many people often forget the role of an event management team that labored weeks or months to put together one special event. Maybe you have tried your hand at event management or know someone who has, and then you will be with me in saying that these events are damn hard work!

So to explain event management we will look at those who specialize in this unique service and see what they consider the best practices in event management. The first thing these event companies will explain is that it is one thing to come up with a party idea, and an entirely different thing to make it happen. Professional event management companies know how to make the impossible happen. People flying across the sky, re-creating an 1800s authentic theme, or creating the logistics to throw a party on top of a volcano (don’t laugh it has happened).

Ok to explain exactly what is involved in event management let’s look at the basics of how to start:

  • Event management can cover any kind of social gathering from sports, weddings, gala, awardshows… and the list goes on and on.
  • If you are planning on hosting an event start planning months before
  • Brainstorm, create and identify the possibilities

Then go through the budget and have a double check with reality… not everyone can have million $ events.

  • Throw together a rough outline of materials, people, locations, and everything else you caninitially think of…come up with a rough budget
  • If you are lost then seek advice anywhere you can. Check in your network to see who hasexperience in event mangement and ask them for advice. you’ll be amazed the experience of people you know….florists, costume shops, hair salons, students at university
  • Find the highest priced items in your event and see if there would be a greater return bytrading in for 2 lesser priced but just as valuable items. For example hiring a whole symphony sounds great …but maybe it would be more cost efficient to hire one pianist and one performer such as a flame thrower.
  • There are a whole list of possibilities out there and it’s impossible to explain eventmanagement in detail…. That’s why I leave it to the professionals.
  • Professional event companies do this for a living and have years of experience. They know whatworks, know where your money is best invested, and often have connections with affiliated companies…the result is well worth the money. Hosting an event is rarely any fun, and lots of headaches. If you find yourself getting down and not having fun planning your event then look to the pro event management companies
  • Event management can cover any kind of social gathering from sports, weddings, galas, award shows, etc, etc.

If you can think it event management companies can create it…

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