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How to

May 8, 2010 | No Comments |

Hosting a Gala Show or gala event

Following is a short list of just a few things you will need at a Gala Show, and someone will have to manage for you..

  • invitations
  • room décor
  • flowers
  • gala pictures: photographers and news media
  • gala dinner: catering–includes food & beverage
  • permits/licenses
  • Gala concert: Music from classical pianist, string quartet or other performers
  • production–includes audiovisual, sound, lighting, special effects, staging, stagehands, videographers
  • awards/premiums/printing
  • additional staffing
  • transporation

Of course this is one of the most basic lists, and the price of such necessities can run into tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars! What else would you like to see at a Gala Show\

  • venue–includes room rental, staffing, security, parking
  • other
  • producers fee

What else can you think of?

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Event management

May 8, 2010 | No Comments |

We have had a few requests to Explain Event management. So here goes…

There is a great party happening somewhere in the world right now… yet some seem to stand out more than others. Why is this? Maybe it’s because of the free food, the great atmosphere, the golden socialites, or a host of other factors. Many people often forget the role of an event management team that labored weeks or months to put together one special event. Maybe you have tried your hand at event management or know someone who has, and then you will be with me in saying that these events are damn hard work!

So to explain event management we will look at those who specialize in this unique service and see what they consider the best practices in event management. The first thing these event companies will explain is that it is one thing to come up with a party idea, and an entirely different thing to make it happen. Professional event management companies know how to make the impossible happen. People flying across the sky, re-creating an 1800s authentic theme, or creating the logistics to throw a party on top of a volcano (don’t laugh it has happened).

Ok to explain exactly what is involved in event management let’s look at the basics of how to start:

  • Event management can cover any kind of social gathering from sports, weddings, gala, awardshows… and the list goes on and on.
  • If you are planning on hosting an event start planning months before
  • Brainstorm, create and identify the possibilities

Then go through the budget and have a double check with reality… not everyone can have million $ events.

  • Throw together a rough outline of materials, people, locations, and everything else you caninitially think of…come up with a rough budget
  • If you are lost then seek advice anywhere you can. Check in your network to see who hasexperience in event mangement and ask them for advice. you’ll be amazed the experience of people you know….florists, costume shops, hair salons, students at university
  • Find the highest priced items in your event and see if there would be a greater return bytrading in for 2 lesser priced but just as valuable items. For example hiring a whole symphony sounds great …but maybe it would be more cost efficient to hire one pianist and one performer such as a flame thrower.
  • There are a whole list of possibilities out there and it’s impossible to explain eventmanagement in detail…. That’s why I leave it to the professionals.
  • Professional event companies do this for a living and have years of experience. They know whatworks, know where your money is best invested, and often have connections with affiliated companies…the result is well worth the money. Hosting an event is rarely any fun, and lots of headaches. If you find yourself getting down and not having fun planning your event then look to the pro event management companies
  • Event management can cover any kind of social gathering from sports, weddings, galas, award shows, etc, etc.

If you can think it event management companies can create it…

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gala show
People are often confused at the type of gala dress to wear while attending a gala event.

I will try and break it down for you…

  • First of all you will need to find out the gala theme. There are numerous themes including fire & ice, royal, masquerades, and many others. One thing is always the same at gala shows…. you will need to break out your finest dress, and accessories!
    • Really Super Jewelry, Really Super Prices. Shop today!!!
    • Most gala shows are formal black tie events and you should be prepared for gala pictures that will most likely show up in latest social news sections of various publications.   Gala ball are serious events and most people can be found in beauty salons for the whole day before attending the event.   If you can afford it…break out the credit cards and head down to fifth ave to visit the local Tiffany, D&G, Chanel stores.  Women obviously have a harder time than men finding what gala dress to wear:

      • A few days before the event find out as much details from your friends about what they are wearing, and try to find a style that will complement others. Or if you really want to stand out go the other way and dress opposite of your friends
      • Then it’s time to go shopping for your new dress, shoes, jewelry, purse, and accessories. But first check out the latest fashion magazines for the latest styles.
      • Most women prefer to find a dress first and buy accessories after. For the dress it all depends on your confidence level and body type. You should know the colors that compliment your skin and generally what already looks good on you. If you do not have huge confidence then stick with what has worked on you in the past. Generally knee length dresses or longer are the norm. Low cut and bare shoulders are a must if you have the body for it. Fit is the most important element when choosing a dress. Then focus on the specific elements of the dress like cut, color, style, and material.
      • * Shoes are vital. Gala event and gala dinner are lengthy affairs so be comfortable and find something that enables you to dance at the gala concert. High heels are standard and most women prefer medium height heels. Black leather shoes are a safe bet. Be wary of too many straps, or outlandish styles and adornments.
      • Jewelry: Costume jewelry is frowned upon. If you have a 10k Tiffany ring and ensemble then you are set. But for those with simpler tastes stick with classy understated gold or silver pieces. Don’t be the lady with rings on every finger or an obscenely huge necklace or tiara.
      • Purse: This one should be easy after spending so much time on the items listed above. Again classy and refined simple style is best.
      • Accessories: Simple hair pieces or brooches are optional
      • Makeup: take what you normally wear and spice it up a little with subtle stronger elements. It is not the time to try a new fashion look that you found in a magazine. You must be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.
      • Spend a day in a salon getting manicures, pedicures, massages, and hair treatment before attending the gala show.
      • Smile and you’re ready for the gala pictures, gala dinner, and gala concert!

      For guys:

      • First off find out what your partner is wearing to the gala show, and ask for her advice (fortunately she will probably already be telling you what to wear)
      • Tuxedo or suit in dark traditional colors
      • Matching conservative dress shirt. Solid colors are preferred. Stay away from bright colors or fancy designs
      • Matching silk tie
      • tie pin
      • Cuff links
      • Rolex or other fine watch
      • Black polished leather shoes
      • black dress socks
      • Clean shave and finely tuned hair
      • Be ready to tell your partner how beautiful she looks and you’re ready to go to the gala dinner!

      Any other tips? We will be adding photos soon…

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      Gala Show are often a festive, gourmet dinner events. Gala event are especially a lavish royal ball or other variety of high class entertainment.

      Across the world various socialites attend gala events to showcase ones status.  Gala dinners often brings up images of English socialites, royal French ambiance, and Italian dress. The words gallant steed, and galler (french for to be merry) bring up thoughts of old royal gala times and impressive stature. In Britain the term ‘Gala Show’ is mostly referred to an athletic competition, especially a swimming contest.

      We will be focusing on the western version of the Gala Show and all the intrigue and excitement such shows symbolize. A large or important social gathering: affair, celebration, festivity, fete, function, occasion, party, soiree. Marked by festal celebration: festive, royal, concert, dinner, dress, ball, glad, gladsome, happy, joyful, joyous, merry.

      Maybe you have heard of a gala ball after the inaugural ceremony?  Or one of the Gala events that politicians and presidents attend?   There are always gala pictures and publicity at such Gala Shows, and for good reason, these gala events often can change ones perception on what’s possible in the world of entertainment. Fountains of Champagne, the finest delicacies, and womens accessories and gala dress that are often worth more than a normal person would make in their lifetime! You can find it all at the Gala Show.

      Welcome to sumptuous social pleasure and the gala life of the very rich.

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