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How to

May 8, 2010 | No Comments |

Hosting a Gala Show or gala event

Following is a short list of just a few things you will need at a Gala Show, and someone will have to manage for you..

  • invitations
  • room décor
  • flowers
  • gala pictures: photographers and news media
  • gala dinner: catering–includes food & beverage
  • permits/licenses
  • Gala concert: Music from classical pianist, string quartet or other performers
  • production–includes audiovisual, sound, lighting, special effects, staging, stagehands, videographers
  • awards/premiums/printing
  • additional staffing
  • transporation

Of course this is one of the most basic lists, and the price of such necessities can run into tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars! What else would you like to see at a Gala Show\

  • venue–includes room rental, staffing, security, parking
  • other
  • producers fee

What else can you think of?

Incoming search terms:

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May 8, 2010 | No Comments |

Imagine the rich and famous royal history of French, Italian, English, or Roman Gala shows…. almost

anything is possible. We hope to research and find all sorts of interesting gala events from the

beginning of time.

  • What did the old nobility eat for their gourmet dinner?
  • What was the drink of choice?
  • How has forms of gala dress change over time?
  • Who played at gala concert?
  • Where did these events take place?
  • What are the most famous royal gala?
  • Who hosted the best Gala ball?
  • Famous gala pictures
  • In different countries who was invited to Gala shows and why?
  • When was the first extravagant joyous occasions?

Of course this is just a very short list and will be built on dramatically in the near future… so stay tuned!

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